How do I request owner approval for repairs if I am a property manager?

Your maintenance and repair issues are important to us. When tenants submit maintenance requests through the tenant portal or create a request manually, you can work directly with the assigned property owner to get approval for the repair.

Please note! 
The Request Approval feature is available only in Property Manager Mode - which is available starting from the Pro subscription Plan. 

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Click on the "Maintenance" button in the left menu, select "Requests" and click the "View" button for the necessary maintenance. Then click on the “Request approval” link in the upper right-hand corner of the request.

Please note! 
The Request Approval option is available only for connected owners assigned to the property. If you do not see “Request Approval” please check if the owner is assigned to it. You can also enable the automatic sharing of all maintenance requests with connected owners that are assigned to the specific property in ”Maintenance Request Settings.”

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Now you can add repair bids for this issue. Enter the overall bid amounts, attach bid files, and send to the owner for approval. This decision will then be documented for future reference. You can add up to 3 bids:

If a property has more than one owner, you need to select only one owner from the drop-down menu to get approval. Select the owner from the list and click the "Send request" button:

Please note!
The Property Manager can cancel approval only if the request is not already approved by the Owner.

Once canceled, the Property Manager still has the option to resend the request:

The Owner Approval Request status will now change to Pending. If the request was approved or declined by the owner, the Property Manager can send another request from Actions (three dots menu). Once the Property Manager sends the Owner Approval Request, the record will be added to the Maintenance Request Timeline. The Property Manager will be notified about owner’s decision by email and feed.



Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024