How do I add a maintenance recurring request?

The Recurring request feature allows users to create recurring maintenance requests. You may create a recurring request in three ways. 

1) To add a recurring request, go to "Maintenance" from the left side menu, select the "Recurring" tab, and click on "+ Add recurring request" in the top right corner of the screen:

Select category, sub-category, issue, and sub-issue from the drop-down menu.

Please note!
If your desired category doesn't exist, you can contact our support team to suggest a category.

You may add a recurring request title and details in the "Issue details" section:

In the “Schedule details” section you will need to enter:

  • the Property information (select from the drop-down);
  • Start and End dates;
  • Frequency: weekly, every two weeks, monthly, every two months, quarterly, semiannually, annually, every two years
  • Post in advance - the number of days to post the recurring before the due date.

Press "Create" to save the recurring information.

On the "Recurring" page you can view all your maintenance recurring requests as well as sort them by Active, Future, or Ended status.

Use "Filters" to find maintenance recurring faster.

Recurring can be filtered by:

  • Property & Units
  • Schedule
  • Category
  • Equipment status

2) You may schedule a recurring request right from a one-time maintenance request on the “Requests” or the “Requests Board” pages. Find the needed request that will be used as a template, click on the three-dots menu, and select "Make recurring":

Also, on your “Requests” and “Requests Board” pages, you can filter by Request schedule.

3) You can also create a recurring check up for a certain property's equipment. Just click the “schedule check up” button on the needed equipment in the Schedule Check up section and modify the recurring settings according to your needs.

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Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024