How do I add a professional?

Service Professionals take care of maintenance (cleaning, home improvement, landscaping and lawn care, legal, pets, and others). They can set up their own portal in the software, and you can communicate and cooperate with them within the system. 

Service Professionals can be assigned to maintenance requests. When a Tenant sends you a maintenance request, you can assign it to a connected professional and it will appear on their portal. Once assigned, they will be able to view the address and maintenance issue, add materials and files, and communicate with the tenant and landlord or property manager. Service Professionals can also create invoices and receive payments online.

To add a ServicePro, click "Contacts" in the side menu and choose the "Service Pros" tab. Then, press the "+ Add service pro" button: 

Fill in all fields marked with a star and press the "Create" button:



Last updated:
May 27, 2024