Can property managers connect owners to properties?

Yes, you can. First, go to Portfolio "Properties" from the left side menu of your dashboard, choose the property, and click the "view" button. Then, select the “Owners“ tab and click “+ Assign“:

If you have previously added the owner to your contacts, choose them from the list below. If you haven’t added the owner already, you can add them now by pressing the "Create new owner" button. Please, mind that this option is available in Pro and Business plans only. This owner will be automatically added to your contacts list and connected to the current property:

Currently, you can add up to 5 owners to the property. Press the "+ Add owner" button and indicate ownership by percentage for each of them:

Select "+ Add notes" if you need to add any notes related to the property. This information is private and visible only to you. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the "Update" button to save changes:


Last updated:
Mar. 28, 2024