How do I automatically share all maintenance requests with my owner?

The system gives you an option to enable automatic sharing of all maintenance requests with your owner, so your owner is always informed about the repairs in their house.

Please note! This option is available starting with the Growth plan and for users whose accounts are in a Property Manager’s mode:
How do I switch my account mode from Landlord to Property Manager?

Before activating the automatic sharing, make sure you have assigned the owner to your property (s):

This might be helpful:
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After it is done, please click on your profile picture, select Settings option and choose “Automation Settings“ from the “Request settings“ section. Then, enable the “Automatically share all maintenance requests with owner(s)“ option and click the “Update“ button to save the changes:

You can also go to edit the maintenance settings right from the Maintenance page from the left-side menu - just click “edit settings” on the Requests page:

The previous requests created for a specific property will not be available in the owner’s account, only all future requests will be automatically shared with the owner after you have activated the owner automatic sharing option.



Last updated:
Mar. 19, 2024