How do I add an owner?

To add an owner, please go to the "Contacts" page from your left-side menu. Switch to the "Owners" tab, then press the "+ add owner" button.

Please note!
You need to upgrade your subscription to the Growth Plan to add an owner contact. Make sure that you are on Property Manager Account mode. If you do not see the Owner tab in your contacts, please check your account mode settings by going to the Profile tab in your Account Settings.

The links might be helpful for you: 
How do I upgrade my plan?
How do I switch my account mode from Landlord to Property Manager?

Fill in all required information, scroll down and press the "Create" button to save your changes:

Tip: Connect with an owner in order to exchange messages, send invoices, pay and collect rent, and assign properties to the owner, learn more about connection requests here: How do I connect with my owner?


Last updated:
Feb 15., 2023