What can I do with a lead?

Once a lead was created automatically or manually you will want to open the Leads sub-page from the Leasing page located on the left-side menu:

Displayed leads can be sorted by three statuses: "New", "Working", and "Closed". By default, the system shows leads in "All" statuses:

Here you can also export the list of leads in CSV format:

The lead card shows you basic info about the prospective tenant's/owner's name, and status regarding this exact lead. From the three dots menu straight from the info card, you may edit, delete, or change the status to new/working/closed.  

Click the "View profile" button on the lead card to take a closer look:

The following page contains a lead’s card with the basic information, a field to add activity records, and Tabs displaying the timeline sorted by All, Notes, Tasks, and Activity

Invite To Apply. Here, you may invite a lead to apply for any of your listed units. Click on ''Invite to apply'', select a listed unit, and send an invitation.  

Send a Message. There is also a great tool to communicate with a lead straight from the system. Clicking on the ‘'Send a message’' button, you will be redirected to the Leads chat in the messenger. Here you may easily communicate with a lead. Every message you send in this chat will be delivered as a text message to a lead’s phone. There is a limit of messages available to be sent depending on the subscription, to overcome the limit - just get connected with them!

Please note! You can only send a message to leads with US phone numbers.

For more info, please check out: How do I communicate with my leads?

By clicking on the three-dot icon next to the prospective tenant card you are welcome to perform the following actions regarding this certain lead:

  • Edit
  • Change its status to New, Working, Closed
  • Delete

While editing the lead you can customize the prospective tenant's name, email, and contact phone number. In addition, it allows you to switch between "Hot" and "Cold" lead types:

Note: If a landlord adds or receives a new lead it is "Hot" by default. And the lead becomes "Cold" once it's in "Closed" status.

You can add an activity to a particular lead.

The following options are:

1. To add a note to the lead; The note serves for your own records.

You can create a note as well as upload up to 5 files to it.

2. To add a task to the lead;

You can create a task and assign it to yourself or to your sub-admin if he/she is added to your account. The task is automatically added to the Calendar as a reminder.

Give a view calendar permission to your sub-admin if you want them to see assigned tasks in the calendar.

For more information please go to:
How do I set access permissions for each admin?

3. To log a call you had with your prospective tenant/owner;

You can select date/time, type some information and select a call result: busy line, left voicemail, no answer, connected, other. 

4. To log a meeting you had with your prospective tenant/owner;

You can select date/time and type some information regarding this meeting.



Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024