How do I communicate with my leads?

You can easily communicate with your leads in the system using the system Messenger.

Please note!
This option is available for US numbers only.

You will receive the messages from potential applicants in the “Leads” channel when they use the Send a message/Request a tour option on the particular listing page, or Contact Us form on your Listing Website.

You can also start the communication on your own by using the Send a text message button on the Lead page.

Please note!
Messaging in the “Leads” channel is possible with leads in New and Working status only. Once a lead is Closed the thread is permanently removed.

If the lead doesn’t have an email or phone number, you will want to provide the missing information in order to send a text message from the messenger.

In order to see these chats, go to Messenger and switch to the “Leads“ channel.

At the top of the page, you can click on the Lead icon to move to the Lead page, Invite the lead to apply, print, or remove the whole conversation.

Be sure to type your message and press the "Send" button. There is a limit of messages allowed to be sent in the “Lead” channel that depends on your subscription plan. As soon as you become connected with your lead, all the communication is moved to the “Tenants” channel with all the previous messages saved and with no further limits.

Please note!
Potential applicants will receive your message as a text message (SMS).

By clicking the right mouse button, you will see all available actions that can be done with this message. Feel free to copy or forward the message.



Last updated:
Mar. 29, 2024