How do I view and edit management fee invoices in bulk?

For Property Manager mode there is one extra subpage in the "Accounting" menu titled "Management Tools". In order to view all published management fee invoices, go to the "Accounting" page and switch to the "Management Tools" subpage. Check the boxes next to the invoices you would like to "mark as paid". You can also indicate the date paid next to the invoice and add other details. Mark invoices in bulk as paid:

Please note! 
The owner's tab is available in Property Manager mode only that is available starting from the Pro subscription plan.

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You can also click on the "delete selected invoices" button. The system will ask you to confirm the action. If you are sure you want to delete the selected invoice(s) press the "Delete" button. Please make sure you want to permanently remove the selected transactions as this action can not be undone:



Last updated:
Mar. 22, 2024