How do I switch my account mode from Landlord to Property Manager?

You can decide between two types of account modes depending on you and your business needs. Please read below the description of each mode.

Landlord Mode: For landlords who manage their own properties. This mode will assume you are the owner of all properties and will assist in managing your properties in an easy-to-use manner. It will allow you to create an invoice and will automatically assign each invoice to a property for easy organization and record-keeping.

Property Manager Mode: For Property Management Companies that manage properties for other people ("owners"). This mode will require you to assign each property to an "owner" in order to separate the accounting. It will also include tools for charging owners a management fee and keeping track of owner balances.

Please note: 
The Property Manager Mode is available starting from the Pro plan.

In order to change your current mode, please go to the main "Settings" menu and select "Profile": 

property management software

Then, scroll down to the “Account mode“ section - here you can switch between the Landlord and Property Manager modes. Then choose the mode of your account either "Landlord" or "Property Manager" and enable the necessary radio button. Do not forget to click on the "Update" button to save the changes.

property management software

Please note! 
You can switch between account types at any time.

Property Manager Mode Features:

PM and Owners
PM is able to add and manage owners.
PM is able to assign owners to their properties.
PM is able to track owner balance and add required reserve.

PM Accounting
PM is able to add management fees and invoice the owners.
PM is able to create owner distribution/owner contributions.
PM is able to create tenant fees that are not visible to owners.

PM Management Fee Tool
PM is able to view all the open/partially paid management fee invoices to owners, change the amount, mark them as paid, and transfer money between accounts.

Owner Report Settings
PM is able to set up which reports are visible and what reports are hidden from the owner.
PM is able to send reports to owners.



Last updated:
Nov. 27, 2023