How do I view and pay the owner distribution in bulk?

In order to keep track of and pay the Owner Distribution fee invoices online, select Accounting → "Management Tools" from the left menu of your dashboard and switch to the "Owner distributions" tab.  

You will see the list of all open Owner Distributions invoices for the current month. You can change the amount, record it as paid, pay online, or delete the selected invoices. The "Previous invoice information” column shows previously posted invoices for the same owner or property. It is a useful tool to help you to track any previous month’s activity.

Please note!
Owner Distribution is only visible in Property Management Mode - which is available starting from the Pro subscription plan. 

In order to be able to view and pay owner distributions, the Property Manager must be connected with the Owners and have assigned properties to them. Also, to be able to pay the owner distribution in bulk, the Property Manager and Owner should set up Online Payments.

In order to pay owner distribution fee invoices, please select the transactions, click ''Pay online,'' and you will be redirected to the checkout page. This page lists the selected transactions, the total amount, and the online payment option. Select the bank account from the drop-down menu and press "Pay online" to complete the process.

Please note!
Owner Distribution can be paid in bulk only separately to each certain owner. 

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Last updated:
Mar. 25, 2024