How do I provide my Renters Insurance purchased outside the system?

If you have already purchased the Renters Insurance outside the system, you can provide your landlord with appropriate information and do not purchase it in the system if required. When completing a move-in process, choose the “No” answer on Renters Insurance step to enter your own insurance Information:

Enter your policy information such as a company name and its website, a policy number, effective and expiration dates:

Additionally, you can attach proof of insurance coverage:

Please note! 
Your Insurance will be checked by your rental community manager or landlord and may be declined. Make sure you provide accurate and valid information.

Once it is done, complete move in. Your landlord will be notified that you already have the Renters Insurance.

You can also provide your own Renters Insurance later, once the lease is active. Go to the Insurance tab and choose Add Insurance option. Enter all needed information and attach proof of insurance, if needed:



Last updated:
Apr. 11, 2022