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Buying renters insurance is an affordable way to protect your stuff because it comes with personal property coverage. Assurant offers a simplified process for renters to purchase insurance, with minimal underwriting questions. In fact, you can purchase a policy in less than five minutes. Protect yourself, your belongings and find peace of mind with Assurant renters insurance.

As a tenant, you may not think you need Renters Insurance. But you may not realize that your landlord's policy doesn't cover your belongings.
Could you afford to pay for the damages if:

• Your apartment building burned down?
• A thief broke into your home?
• A guest slipped and injured himself in your kitchen?

Where you live, whether you own or rent, is your home. It’s where life happens, where you make memories. Assurant helps you protect your home and all the precious belongings in it. So you and your family can sleep well at night, no matter what you call home.


Last updated:
Mar. 28, 2022