How do I add a roommate as an additional name to the policy?

While purchasing a Renters Insurance, you are able to add an additional name to the policy. If you live with roommates, you can jointly purchase Renters Insurance and split the Insurance costs. All individuals will be named on any claim payments or policy refunds. Student Housing leases typically do not allow roommates to share an insurance policy because each lease is per bed. Please verify your lease requirements.

After you select the policy effective date and choose the payment option, you’ll move to the Insurance Holder information step. Fill in the required information and enable the “Add additional name to the policy” toggle button underneath to add an additional name to the policy. Additional Insured is a person who is not related to the named insured but resides in the same location. This person would get protection under this policy. You can select the roommate from the list or manually type the additional name to the policy and continue with purchasing the Renters Insurance.

If you need help with purchasing Renters Insurance, please read How do I purchase Renters Insurance?

You should not list your property manager as an additional insured.  If you are liable for damage to the community as a result of fire, smoke, explosion, or water damage, your property manager will not be able to collect damages against your policy if they are listed as a named insured. If your property manager is requesting to be named in the policy you want to consider adding them as an interested party.



Last updated:
Apr. 9, 2024