How do I use the Landlord forms offered by software?

The software contains a package of ready-to-use agreements and notice forms that you may use during the move-in process, when sending notices, or while building a property management agreement with the owner.

Besides Free Standard templates, there are multiple Landlord Forms available that could be used for renting purposes whether it’s Tenant Notices or Lease Agreements.

To use a free basic document template, select Forms section straight from the left-side menu:

  • Basic Residential Lease Agreement - is used during the move-in process, contains all the needed basic information, can be auto-filled, and is ready to use.

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  • Basic Property Management Agreement could be used as a contract between the property’s owner and property manager/or property management company.

There are also Landlord Forms marked with a special label. These documents can be customized by states based on the property’s address, as well as documents that can be used from any state. These templates cannot be edited or deleted, but you may preview or print out the form in order to have it as a hard copy.

Please note!
These Landlord Forms are available for US-based users only, starting from the Growth subscription plan. These forms are added in pdf format, and their wording cannot be edited, but the textbox elements, as well as signatures, initials and auto-fills can be added to the documents.

The software provides the following documents which can be used across all states: General Lease Agreement, Rules Addendum, Pet Addendum, Smoke-Free Addendum, Inspection Checklist Addendum, Lead-based Paint Disclosure, Welcome Letter, Security Deposit Receipt, Notice of Rent Increase, and 24-hour Notice to Enter.

Once selecting any of the available Templates with Tenant Agreement type, you may use it immediately. You will then be redirected to the standard move-in process, but the selected template will be automatically uploaded in the last step which is “Agreement & Signature”.

In order to use the Legal Notice Template, select the one required for that specific time, then click Use Template button in the upper-right. Choose the needed tenant and the lease number associated. You may also add any additional signatures, dates, or textbox fields if needed, and have the tenant notified to sign right away.




Last updated:
Mar. 25, 2024