How do I view my Templates?

To view your templates, go to the DocumentsTemplates page from the left-side menu:

Here you will see the templates divided into two sub-pages. In the first  "Templates” page, you may find the ones manually created by you. Press on the desired template to view it:

Here you may view the template, edit, print it, open it in PDF preview, or delete it by selecting the desired action from the Actions menu:

You may press Use Template on the selected template to start creating a lease/notice with this agreement/notice:

Switch to the Landlord Forms tab which includes the free basic templates and paid document templates. These templates are not customizable and cannot be edited or deleted. 

Please note! The Landlord Forms tab is available only for users within the United States.

Let’s look at the types of templates you may find here. The basic agreement templates are samples that can be used for creating leases and owner agreements.

Paid Landlord Forms can be customized by state, based on the property’s address as well as documents that can be used for all states. These templates cannot be edited or deleted, but you may preview or print out the form to use it for a hard copy.

View the desired template that can be printed out for use as a hard copy and previewed by opening the Dots menu. Click Use Template to create a lease with it.

Please note! Legal Documents/Forms can be used starting from the Growth plan. 




Last updated:
Mar. 20, 2024