Can I assign all maintenance requests to one Service Pro automatically?

Within our software, you can easily assign all maintenance requests of all properties to Service Pro or yourself automatically.

Please note! This option is available starting with the Growth plan.

To do so, you will want to open the main Settings and select “Automation Settings” from the Request Settings section.

Scroll down a bit to the “Maintenance Requests Automatic Assignee” section and enable the “Auto assigning to maintenance requests“ toggle button and select the Assignee from the drop-down list. You can select only one Assignee from the list.

Press the “Update” button to save changes:

Once you set it, the system will automatically assign the selected Assignee to all property maintenance requests that will be created.

You will be able to change the selected Assignee or delete the Assignee:



Last updated:
Fed 28, 2023