How do I add an automatic assignee to desired property’s requests?

Within our platform, you can automatically assign the required person to maintenance requests created for a specific property. To do that, please make sure to have the “Auto assigning to maintenance requests“ toggle button enabled in Maintenance Settings:

This might be helpful: How do I add an automatic Assignee to my maintenance requests?

Next, go to the Properties page, select the desired property, and switch to the Utilities tab. Click on the “Assign“ button on the Maintenance requests assignee section and select a person from the drop-down list:

Please note!
The maintenance requests automatic assignee is available starting from the Pro plan.

You can select a Service Pro, a Team Member (if applicable) or yourself as an Assignee. You can edit or remove the Assignee at any time. The thing to note is that when you change an automatic Assignee for a specific property, this change will be applied to future maintenance requests only. The previously created maintenance requests will have the same Assignee as before.

Please note!
Only one person per property can be assigned to maintenance requests.

The principle to keep in mind: an Assignee to property’s maintenance requests settings holds priority over the general settings for auto assigning of requests.


Last updated:
Mar. 26, 2024