How do I view the listing?

To view information on the website, go to the "Leasing" page, the Listings sub-page on the left side menu. 

Here you will see all your units, both listed and unlisted. In order to view the details of the active listing, select "Listed" from the filter proposed:

Click on the “View listing” link of the needed one and you will see the listing itself with all related settings.

There you can invite your potential tenants to apply to this listing by clicking “Invite to apply” and entering their email addresses. Also you can share your listing and get more applicants by selecting the Share option. Click on the icon and then choose where to share the link to this listing. You can:

    Copy the listing link address
    Share to Facebook
    Share to Twitter
    Share via Email

If you would like to see the listing on your Listing website, be sure to click on the globe icon and you’ll be redirected to the website.

To edit any information, please find the needed section and click on the “edit” link next to it:

If you decide to unlist your unit, you can complete it at any time you need by pressing the “Unlist“ button:

Additionally, in the Media section you can see the photo gallery for your listing. To keep track of related activity such as new leads and applications, please use the Statistics tab:


Last updated:
Jul. 10, 2024