Can I communicate with a potential Service Pro before hiring them?

Yes, you can communicate with a potential Service Pro before hiring them as well as a Service Pro can write a message before requesting a job.

Once the Service Pro has requested a job, you’ll see this request in the bid section of a particular maintenance request. Click on the “view profile“ button and you’ll see a Message icon on the business profile of a Service Pro, which redirects you to the separate Messenger channel where both of you can chat.

When Service Pro sends you a message or a reply, you will receive email and feed notifications.

After all questions have been addressed, you can hire the Service Pro. This option will establish the connection between you and you will be able to receive/ make online payments from/ to your Service Pro.

Please note! After the Service Pro has been hired all the conversations regarding this particular job offer will be moved to your personal chat and it will be automatically removed from a bidding chat. In case, you didn’t hire a Service Pro, the bidding chat will be automatically removed after the request has expired or another Service Pro has been hired.

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Last updated:
Mar. 28, 2024