How can I find a Service Pro within the system?

The bidding system will help you easily find a Service Pro within the software and fix a maintenance request you have created. 

Once you have created a maintenance request, you are welcome to post a bid request to find a Service Pro on the “Service Pros near you” section on the maintenance request’s preview. Please click “Request a quote”:

Please note!
“Request a quote” is available for maintenance requests in a “new” status only.

On the pop-up window you are able to fill in the following information:

  • request due date
  • request size
  • request expiry

Please note! This request will be shown to all appropriate Service Pros who verified their identity/license and are registered in the system.

Confirm your request by clicking “Find a Service Pro”:

Congrats! Service Pro is requested. We’ll let you know via email once someone requests a job offer and suggests a bid for to complete the job.

If any Service Pros send a job request within the selected time frame, the bid will expire automatically. You can post the bid again as many times as you want.

Once a Service Pro has requested a job, you can view their business profile and either hire or ignore them from the three-dots menu. Additionally, there is an option to “ignore all” requests:

Once you have chosen the most qualified Service Pro that matches your preferences, you can hire them. You can communicate with them, adjust requests, or adjust dates/specifics of the job at hand.

After you have confirmed that you want to hire a particular Service Pro, the connection will be established and the Pro will be assigned to the maintenance request automatically.

After the job is done, you’ll need to resolve the maintenance request and pay the Service Pro for his/her work.

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Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024