How do I add utilities and utility providers contact information to my property?

In order to add utility responsibility and utility providers' information, please go to the Utilities tab. The Responsibility section indicates who is responsible for maintaining and paying the utility service: Landlord or Tenant (this information will be automatically filled in when creating a lease). 

Click “Add“ on the Responsibility section to add the utilities and to select who will be responsible:

Select the desired utility from the list, click on the “Add” button and mention who will be responsible for this utility: Tenant or you. Click on the “Create” button to save the changes:

If you would like to make changes to the utility responsibility, please click the “Edit” option:

Utility Providers information includes the contact information about utility providers which will be shared with the connected tenants available on the lease, so tenants know whom to contact when setting up their utilities.

To add the utility providers contact information click “Add“ on the Utility providers section:

Please note!
Each utility contact information is added separately and you can add up to 15 utility providers' information.

Hovering on each utility provider contact record allows you to Edit or Delete the provider’s contact information:


Last updated:
Mar. 25, 2024