How do I edit a unit?

To edit a unit, go to "Properties" in the left-side menu, choose the necessary property, and press "View" below its name:

Click the "View units" link to view all units and click the "View unit" button next to the needed one:

Select "Edit Unit" from the "Dots" menu, make all the needed changes and update:

If there is an active listing for this unit, you may update it as well:

On the Specs tab, you can edit the information about unit keys, doors, paint, and flooring. Hovering on each record allows you to edit the information or delete it:

On the Utilities tab, you can edit the utility Responsibility. To edit the utility information, please click on the “Edit” option and add/delete the utilities or change the information for who is responsible for each utility:


Last updated:
Mar. 26, 2024