How do I add a property?

To add a property, go to the "Portfolio" page, Properties sub-page from the left side menu and press the "+Add property" button. Fill in all the required fields (property name, address, market rent, etc.) and choose the property type: single-unit or multi-unit:

Selecting single-unit will not allow you to add units or rooms. Multi-unit will give you more options if you want to add units, commercial units, or rooms.  Also, select the currency for this property accounting from the drop-down menu. Press "Create" to complete the process.

Please note!
Make sure that the property type and currency are correct. You cannot edit the property currency or type once set. You will need to delete the property and re-add it with a different currency or type. 

This might be helpful: 
How do I remove a property?

Once the property is added, you can view the property data that is divided into tabs. There you can add and keep track of additional information:

Profile tab includes general property information: property name, address, features, and amenities;

Specs tab allows you to add, keep track, put details about doors, paints, flooring, and keys information;

Owners section includes the information about assigned owners, net and flat distributions, management fees, renewal fees, and service fees (available in the Property Manager mode from the Pro subscription plan);

Financials tab includes information about property insurances: homeowners insurance, flood and earthquake insurance, property loans; amount interest, loan type, start/end loan date, and bank, and property purchase information; purchase price, depreciable years, and annual depreciation;

Utilities section includes information about utilities responsibility and utility provider's contact information.



Last updated:
Mar. 25, 2024