Can I require a screening report from tenants when they apply online?

Yes, you can easily require potential tenants to get a screening report when they submit their rental application online, while listing a unit to the marketing website, or editing an already existing listing.

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On the third step "Application settings" of the listing, enable “Require applicant screening“ and finish the listing process. All the applicants will see the Full Check Plus report request after they submit their rental application online. They will need to fill in the form, pay for the screening report, and pass the identity verification.

The software provides four screening packages: Full Check report ($39), Full Check Plus (45$), Background Check report ($25), and Credit Check report ($30).

While listing a unit, you can request a Full Check Plus report request from your applicants only. If you would like to request any other report, simply request it after the applicant submitted their rental application online or you’ve added a rental application for the applicant manually.

You can track the status of ordered screening reports on the "Applications" page. ''Pending'' status indicates the applicant has not yet accepted the request. The payer for the service will only be charged for the successfully completed reports.

Please note!
Screening report is available only for US properties and applicants.


Last updated:
June 07, 2023