Can I still request a screening if a tenant does not apply online?

Yes, you can still request a screening if a tenant does not apply online.

Please note! It is possible to screen US residents only.

To quickly screen a potential tenant, go to the “Leasingpage, Applications or Screenings sub-page, and click on the “Screen tenant” button. This action will automatically create a new empty application for this prospective tenant once the request is sent.

You can request the screening directly from the application that you manually created.
To do so, go to the “Applications” page, open the needed application, and select Request screening report option from the Actions menu:

On the next step you are welcome to select one of the screening packages.

Our system provides three main screening packages powered by TransUnion and TazWorks: Basic Full Check ($39), Basic Background Check ($30), and Credit Check ($30) reports. You can also upgrade the basic packages by adding Essential ($15) or Premium ($25) County Search on top of the Basic Full Check and Basic Background Check reports. Add Income Insights information to the Basic Full Check report for an additional $6.

The following guide will be helpful: What do the Background Check, Credit Check and Full Check reports look like?

If you find that you need more background or income information that you did not previously screen for, you can request additional screenings alongside your original screening request. Click on the Actions menu and select “Request screening report” option. You will be prompted to choose from the screenings that were not selected previously. This can be done either from the Applications page or directly from the application itself.

Please note! Additional screenings can not be purchased if Basic Full Check is the primary screening request. 

You can select who’ll pay for the report - yourself or the applicant.

The grey diagram around the tenant’s logo indicates the screening has been requested for this tenant. The colorful diagram indicates that the screening report is ready.

You can see all of the screening requests sent and track their statuses on the Screenings page:



Last updated:
Mar. 20, 2024