How do I upload my own lease?

If you have a signed lease and want to upload it to the system, you can easily add it during the move-in process or at any time in the future.

On the last step of the move-in process titled "Agreement & Signature", upload the lease to the Shared attachments section to make it visible to your tenant(s).

For more information read:
How do I create a lease?

You can create a lease agreement faster and more easily by adding a lease agreement template on the Document Templates page with two options:

Text Editor - allows to copy & paste the template from your saved to the text editor and adjust the text formatting you need;

PDF Editor - allows to upload PDF files and drag & drop elements on the fields you want to require from your tenant.

For more information please go to:
How do I add the Residential Agreement template?

You can also create a new document right on the "Agreement & Signature" step by pressing on “Create New Template” which opens the text editor where you can copy & paste the information and customize it:

Please note! +Create new template select doesn’t sync the information to your Document Templates settings.

Click on the "Preview" icon to see what it will look like on your tenant's end:


Last updated:
Mar. 26, 2024