How do I add a Residential Agreement template?

To add a Residential Agreement template, go to the DocumentsTemplates page from the left-side menu:

You can use a "Basic Residential Lease Agreement" from the Landlord Forms tab as well as add a new one that will meet your specific requirements:

Please note! Basic Residential Lease Agreement templates are available only for users from the United States and this Lease must be used at the Property Manager's risk only. The system makes absolutely no representations regarding the legal effect of this lease.

To add your Residential Agreement template, go to the My Templates tab and click on the "+Create New Template" button. 

There are two template types: Copy&Paste and Upload PDF:

  • Text Editor- allows you to copy & paste the saved template to the text editor and adjust text formatting as needed;
  • PDF Editor- allows you to upload a PDF file and drag and drop elements to the fields you want to require from the tenants.

Please note!
The option to upload PDF is available starting with the Growth Plan.

Select “Copy&Paste” to manually enter a lease template. Enter the document template name and select “Tenant agreement“ as a template type:

Select “Upload PDF” to upload a PDF file of a lease agreement. Enter the template name, select “Tenant agreement“ as the type and upload a PDF file:

With Copy & Paste and Upload PDF flows you can add and require the following fields and then assign them to a particular tenant while moving him/her in:

  • Signature - put this field on the document if you want to get your tenant’s signature or add your own ;
  • Initials - works in a similar way as a signature, but in this case, you or your tenant will enter your initials on the document;
  • Date Signed - this field will show when the document has actually been submitted and signed;
  • Textbox - using this option, you may request that your tenant enter any needed information while signing the agreement(s) or you can enter any information into your textbox to appear while moving your tenant in. Choose the character limit and placeholder text.

If you have content that you wish to be auto-filled when moving in the tenant, you can drag and drop or double click auto-fill elements to enter them into the template: 

You can add attachments to the agreement template, which will be shared with your tenants along with this template. If there are related materials to be added click “Yes“ and upload attachments:

If you require the tenants to confirm that they have reviewed all the attachments click “Yes“:

If you want to enable default signature section for template, select "Yes" on the next step:

That’s it! A new document template is ready. Then, you can select the Residential Agreement Template on the last step of creating the lease titled "Agreement & Signature":

You can also create a new template right on the "Agreement & Signature" page by selecting “Create New Template” and pasting the desired template:

Please note! You can add up to 100,000 symbols to the document.

Please note! You can add the following amount of templates depending on your subscription plan:

  • Starter- up to 10 Templates (Notices and Agreements);
  • Growth - up to 25 Templates (Notices and Agreements);
  • Pro - up to 50 Templates (Notices and Agreements);
  • Business - Unlimited Templates (Notices and Agreements).

In order to edit/delete the created Residential Agreement template, go to the DocumentsTemplates page from the left-side menu, click on the needed template to open it. Click on the three-dots menu next to the desired template and select the Edit template/Delete template option:

Please note!
If you confirm “Delete template“, this action cannot be undone.


Last updated:
Mar. 22, 2024