How do I include initials in document templates?

When adding a residential agreement template, you can use Initials on any page or agreement clauses you want. Simply drag the Initials and drop them where you would like the tenants to add their initials:

You can select who should insert their initials - you or your tenant(s) - by clicking on the “Assigned to” option:

If you do not need the initials in a certain place, click on the Initials and remove from the right-side menu or with the help of the delete button on your keyboard:

The Initials can be edited at any time. Type or draw your initials. Read the terms of use by signing this agreement and click "Agree & Sign”:

The tenant will be required to input their initials, and once they're provided, the initials will be placed per your requirements.

Click "Send to sign" to complete the procedure:


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Last updated:
Mar. 20, 2024