How do I edit a lease?

You can edit previously added leases with some exceptions, which you should pay attention to before you start.

Presented below is a list of lease statuses available for editing:

- Active

- Signature pending

- Insurance pending

- Draft

Please note!
Ended, Past, and Future leases cannot be edited. 

To edit the lease, please, go to "Contacts" in the left-side menu of your dashboard. Find the desired tenant and click “View profile” from the tenant’s card and switch to the "Leases" tab.

Here, you can see all the leases, to which a specific tenant is/was included. Click "View" on the needed lease to check the detailed information. Then select the "Edit Lease" option from the Actions menu.

The property cannot be edited on the first page "Property & Tenants". The lease invoicing type cannot be adjusted as well, but you can add/remove tenants to/from the lease.

Add tenant to the lease:

If you add a tenant to the lease, then rent and other recurring invoices will be posted to all your tenants with the next publish date.

Please note!

- Once you have added a new tenant to the lease and your tenants pay individually, make sure that split rent amounts are divided with the tenant's exact portion.

- The tenant who has just been added to the lease will receive a notification that the lease has been shared;

- Previous lease invoices are not visible to the new tenant.

Remove tenant from the lease:

If you remove the tenant from the lease then rent recurring and other invoices will stop posting for that tenant. The leases, attachments, maintenance requests, and all lease-related transactions will be removed from the tenant's account.

Please note!

-Once you have deleted one tenant from the lease and your tenants pay individually, make sure that split amounts for rent are divided with the tenant's exact portion. The tenant who has been just deleted from the lease will receive a notification that they have been moved out from the property;

-On your side, transactions that were already posted to that tenant will not be deleted. You can delete them manually if you would like to;

- If your tenants pay jointly then you should have at least two tenants on the lease.

On the "Lease Transactions" page you can change the rent amount and due date. The first rent invoice date cannot be changed. 

Please note!
If you add a tenant to the lease or remove them while editing, please make sure that the rent amounts are divided between tenants with their exact portion if your tenants pay you individually or you can assign different amounts to tenants as well.

You can also add deposit, other lease recurring transactions or stop an automatic lease recurring invoice:

The link might be helpful for further purposes: 
How do I stop a recurring invoice?

You'll have full access to editing the second "Extra fees & utilities" step:

On the "Insurance" step you can enable/disable renters insurance purchase requirements. If your tenants are on a Combined lease, you can request renters insurance from a particular tenant.

The last step of lease editing, on "Agreement & Signature,” where the previously selected templates with assigned fields to tenants are shown, you can select more templates and send agreements to sign or share the agreements and make the lease active:

You can add more auto-fill elements for the information to be auto-populated or delete unneeded fields that are assigned to tenants. Click on “Update” to share the lease or “Send to sign” if you want to require signature/initials from your tenant(s):

After editing is done, the lease status will change. The status change depends on the changes you've made.'

Please note!
For leases in Signature pending and Insurance pending statuses, you can cancel a request to e-sign the lease or purchase insurance and make it active, if needed.


Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024