How do I stop a maintenance recurring request?

To stop a recurring request, open "Maintenance" from the left side menu, and select the "Recurring" tab. Here you will see the list of active recurring requests by default.

Click on the three dots next to the recurring request that you wish to stop and select the End recurring option. Put the checkmark and confirm your action. After processing it, no more future requests will be posted, but all requests that were posted before will be saved. The recurring request will be moved to the Ended tab.

Please note!
You may stop recurring maintenance requests in Active status only. 

You may also stop the recurring request on a certain active recurring maintenance request on the Requests or Requests Board pages. Find the three dots Actions menu and select the “End recurring” option from the drop-down. Confirm your action to stop all future requests from this series.

To stop future ones and delete all related recurring requests in this series, choose the Delete option from the Action menu on the Recurring page.

You may also delete a recurring from the recurring maintenance request By clicking on Delete, you will see a pop-up window. Choose the needed option and click Confirm to save changes.

Please note!
There’s no option to recover the deleted data. 



Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024