How do I schedule recurring check-ups to my equipment?

If your equipment requires routine maintenance, you can enable it directly from the required equipment preview page. When the date arrives, the maintenance request will be automatically posted in the "Maintenance request" section, and the event will be displayed in the calendar as well.

To enable recurring check-ups for particular equipment, click on the "Properties" tab on the left-side menu. Select "Equipment" from the drop-down menu at the top-left corner of the screen:

Here you can see the list of all equipment units you have created. You can "Edit" existing equipment or press "+Add Equipment" and create the new one:

Choose "Property", "Category", "Sub-Category", "Model number", "Price", "Date of installation", "Warranty expiration date" and "Update" in order to save the position.

Then go back to the list of equipment and select the one you’d like to "Schedule a check-up" for.

In the pop-up window, you can schedule recurring maintenance check-ups for this equipment. This means that recurring maintenance requests will be posted for this equipment with a selected frequency.

Choose "Category", "Sub-Category", "Issue", "Sub-Issue", "Priority", "Next Service", and "Schedule check-up" the frequency on the maintenance reminder.

Also, you can easily "Edit" or "Cancel" check-ups at any time.

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Last updated:
Oct. 5, 2022