How do I communicate with a Tenant and ServicePro within a maintenance request?

Every maintenance request allows connected Tenants and assigned Service Professionals to communicate within the request. In this way, everyone involved is kept informed and updated. 

Please note! 
In order to send and receive messages within a maintenance request, the Landlord must be connected with the Tenant as well as the ServicePro assigned to the maintenance request. Sharing must be enabled in both cases! If you share the request only with the tenant, then you will only be able to communicate with the tenant. The same applies if you share the request only with the service pro.

There are two possible options for how you can start communicating with your Tenant and ServicePro within the request:

1. Go to the "Requests" page from the left side menu of your Dashboard. Find the specific maintenance request and click on the “Message” icon:

You can also find the “Message” icon on the “Requests board” page:

Please note! The Requests board is available from the Pro subscription plan. 

2. Open the request by pressing the View button.  Click the "Messages" icon at the top right corner and you will be redirected to the Maintenance Request Chat in  Messenger:

3. Go to Messenger directly and switch to the Maintenance Request tab:

Type in the message. You may also add attachments by clicking on the attachments icon. Press the "Send" button or "Enter" to share the message with the Tenant and ServicePro. Once the message is sent, your Tenant and ServicePro can view the message by pressing the “Messages” button in the particular maintenance request. Or by going to Messenger directly and switching to the Maintenance Request Chat tab.

Please note! 
If you do not see the Maintenance Request Chat in the Messenger section, it means that the Tenant(s) and assigned ServicePro for this request are not connected, and/or the request is not shared with them.

MR channel appears for the landlord when they are connected with at least one tenant or service pro.

Connected tenants with an active lease can also submit a maintenance request and a thread in the MR Chat will be created automatically. If you do not want to communicate within a maintenance request created by your tenants, simply disable this option under Maintenance Settings > "Request Settings" tab:  


Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024