How do I filter my maintenance requests?

In order to filter your maintenance requests, go to the "Maintenance" section from the left side menu of your dashboard. You will see three tabs, "Requests", "Requests board''  and "Reminders". 

Choose the "Requests" tab to learn more.  Please note! The Requests board is available from the Growth Plan

The "Display" option allows you to view maintenance requests in the following statuses:

  • New
  • In progress
  • In review
  • Resolved
  • Archived
  • Cancelled

New maintenance requests are displayed by default on the page. 

The "Search" option allows you to search for maintenance requests by:
- Maintenance request title
- Maintenance request number(#)

There are two possible ways to view the list of maintenance requests:

  • List View - allows previewing the list of requests with the general information included: number, category/subcategory, status, assignee, property associated and priority. By clicking on the View button, you’ll be able to see the detailed description of a certain request. And from the three dots action menu - easily edit, print or delete the request. The swimlane option divides the requests per property and lets you view the requests in a more convenient, ordered way.
  • Detail View - gives the possibility to view the maintenance request in detailed perspective right away, change its status, etc. by selecting the desired one from the left-side column.

Please note! The Detail View option is available from the Starter Plan

The "Filter" option provides a more advanced way of searching maintenance requests.

You can filter requests by:

  • Property & Units (property, unit)
  • Priority (low, normal, high, critical)
  • Assignee (unassigned, do it myself, service professional, team member)
  • Shared Request (not shared, shared)
  • Tenant (no tenant, tenant 1, tenant 2, tenant 3, etc.)
  • Category (category 1, category 2, category 3, etc.)
  • Subcategory (subcategory 1, subcategory 2, subcategory 3, etc.)
  • Equipment (linked, not linked)
  • Order (by date initiated, by due date)
  • Owner Approval—in Property Manager Mode only (not requested, pending, approved, canceled, declined)
  • Maintenance Fee—in Property Manager Mode only (not invoiced, invoiced)

Please note!
The Property Manager mode is available starting from our Growth subscription plan.

Select the Request Board to learn more:

Request Board is the advanced tool for managing the requests in the most convenient way. Here the requests of all available statuses are located in separated columns, and you may easily change the status of a certain request by dragging and dropping to the needed column. From the Request Board, you may also easily apply filters and find the needed request in a more advanced way:

Please note! The Requests board is available from the Growth Plan.

Switch to the "Reminders" tab to learn more:

The "Display" option allows you to search by:

- all
- active (default)
- ended

The "Filter" option provides a more advanced way of searching for reminders.

You can filter reminders by:

  • Property & Units (property, unit)
  • Priority (low, normal, high, critical)
  • Schedule (weekly, every two weeks, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually)
  • Category (category 1, category 2, category 3, etc.)
  • Subcategory (subcategory 1, subcategory 2, subcategory 3, etc.)



Last updated:
Apr. 8, 2022