How do I invoice Tenant and pay ServicePro for maintenance request?


The software makes it easy to create a new invoice on a maintenance request so that you can track any income or expense associated with a specific request.

Please note! 
In order to create an invoice on a maintenance request, the Landlord should be connected with the Tenant and the ServicePro assigned to the maintenance request. Sharing must be enabled.

To create an invoice on a maintenance request,  go to the "Maintenance Requests" section from the left-side menu of your Dashboard. Find the maintenance request and click on the "View" link:

Scroll down to the "Transactions" section. There you can create an expense invoice to pay your ServicePro or add an income invoice to charge the Tenant on the request.

If you want to create an expense invoice for a ServicePro, click on the "-Money out" button and fill in the necessary information. To invoice a tenant, click "+Money in".

If the ServicePro has not set up the online payment option, click on the "Mark as Paid" and the "Create Invoice" button. If a ServicePro has set up the online payment option, you can click on the ''Pay online'' button. 



Last updated:
Mar. 22, 2024