How do I add a service reminder to a unit?

To add a service reminder, open "Properties" from the left side menu and click "View" on the required property. If this is a multi-family property, find the Units section, press the "view units" button and click "View unit" next to the needed one.

Click on the "Reminder" tab and press the "+ Add Reminder" button:

Fill out the fields with the required information and save the provided data. Service reminders will be shown in the reminders list.

Please note, the Maintenance Reminders feature allows a user to create recurring maintenance requests. This reminder will be posted to the maintenance request section with a selected frequency.

Additionally, when you add “Equipment“ to a particular property/unit in the “Properties” section, it is possible to add maintenance reminders by enabling the Service Reminder toggle button.



Last updated:
Apr. 7, 2022