How do I change the status of maintenance requests?

To change the status of a maintenance request, please go to the "Requests" page from your left-side menu and click "view" on the desired request to change its status:

You can also switch to the Detail view of requests at the top of the page. This page allows you to view all the details of the request, change its status, and edit. All on the one page: 

You may also change the status of maintenance requests from the Requests board. The Requests board serves as the most convenient tool for changing the request status: just drag & drop a request card to the needed column - done - the request status was changed. There are five available columns: New, In Progress, In Review, Resolved, and Cancelled.

Please note! 
The Requests board is available from the Pro subscription plan.

You can easily navigate among the requests using the “Display” button. Just click on it and select the status of the requests which you’d like to see:



Last updated:
Apr. 3, 2024