What does the status of the maintenance request indicate?

Maintenance requests are divided into several statuses:

  • new
  • in progress
  • in review
  • resolved
  • canceled
  • archived

This status indicates that you've created the work order manually or received a new order from your tenant. 

In progress 
This status indicates that you've changed the work order status manually or service pro has changed its status. Work orders which are In progress cannot be deleted. You'll be able only to edit them and/or change their status.

In review
Once the work is done, you or your Service Pro can move it to the status In review. At this point, you can review the work that was done by the Service Pro and change the status to Resolved to confirm the maintenance request fulfillment or move it to any other status.

You can mark maintenance requests as Resolved. Service Pros from your Contacts list can change the status of maintenance requests to Resolved as well. Service Pros found with the help of the bidding system are not able to process it from their side as the work done should be reviewed and approved by you. In this case, if you are using the PM mode, you will be able to post the service fees.

You can change the maintenance request status to Cancelled. Your tenant and service pro can do the same on their end.  In this case, the sharing of this request ends. Cancelled requests cannot be edited. You'll be able to remove them only. A tenant and service pro will get the request copy and will be able to remove it as well.

Approval Pending
This status is available in the PM mode only. This indicates that you have sent the request to the owner for the cost approval.

This status is available in the PM mode only. Indicates that an owner has selected one bid and approved the costs.

This status is available in the PM mode only. Indicates that an owner has declined all bids.

If you have archived the maintenance request, it will be moved to another tab. Archived status will be visible only on your end and cannot be removed.

You can easily navigate among the requests using the Display button. Just click it and select the status of the requests which you’d like to see.

The Requests board serves as the most convenient tool for changing the request status: just drag & drop a request card to the needed column - done - the request status was changed!

Please note! The Requests board is available from the Pro subscription plan.



Last updated:
Mar. 27, 2024