How do I block a specific tenant from paying online?

Landlords and Property Managers can block any or all online payment methods (ACH or credit cards) for a specific tenant. This is a helpful feature during the eviction process or in case you want to limit your tenants to paying rent using ACH only.

To block a specific tenant from paying with a certain payment option, go to "Contacts" on the left menu of your dashboard and click the "view profile" button for the tenant:

Click the "Edit" button in the "Three-dot" menu. You can block the tenant from paying through whatever payment option you choose by changing the checkmark to inactive. Don’t forget to click the "Update" button to save the changes:

You can see the status of the payment system next to the title of the online payment option. If it is greyed, the tenant won’t be able to pay via this method. If it's "green", then they will be able to send funds through this option. 

Please note! 
If you do not see the "Online Payments" section on your tenant's profile, that means you are not connected with a tenant yet.
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Last updated:
Aug. 18, 2022