How do I connect with a tenant?

You can add your tenants, move them in, and send them invitations to connect within the system. This is a convenient way for your tenants to access the Tenant Portal to sign an agreement, pay rent, submit maintenance requests, view payment history, send a message, and more.

Please note! Before connecting with a tenant, you must add the tenant to your contacts.

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How do I add a tenant?

To connect, go to the "Contacts" page from the left side menu and press the three-dot menu on a contact's card. Click on Send Connection from the drop-down list:

Or you can click on the "View Profile" for the tenant with whom you would like to connect. Then select "Send Connection" from the three-dot menu:

If your tenant has accepted the invitation to connect, you will be able to communicate via Messenger. Make sure you have shared a lease to allow the tenant to sign an agreement, pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and view payment history online.

If your tenant didn’t accept the connection request, you can select "Resend Connection" which will be available 24 hours after the initial request has been sent:

A green circle to the right of your tenant’s name means that you’re connected, while a gray circle means you are not, or that the invitation is pending.

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How do I resend a connection request to a tenant?


Last updated:
May 11, 2023