How do I add Notices Templates?

A Notice is sent to the tenants by the Landlord/Property Manager to notify the tenants of anything important they need to informed of, as well as to take action: notice to vacate, rent increase notice, notice to repair changes, eviction notice, etc.

In order to add a Notice Template, please go to the Documents page and select the Templates sub-page from the left-side menu. 

Click "+ Create New Template". There are two template flow types: Create a template and Upload PDF.

Please note!
The option to upload PDF is available starting with the Growth Plan.

Please note!

With our dynamic PDF Editor tool, you are able to upload PDF files and add elements such as signature, initials, and date signed to clauses you want. You also will be able to add and require the information from your tenants using the textbox element.

Select Copy&Paste flow, enter the document template name and select “Tenant notice“ as the Document type.

In the Template Editor, copy and paste the verbiage. You can drag or double-click auto-fill elements to enter them into your template if you have content that you wish to be auto-filled during the Sending notices to sign process.

While sending a notice, you can add attachments to the notice template, which will be shared with your tenant along with this template. If there are related materials to be added click “Yes“ and upload the attachments. 

Enable the “Default signatures” option and it will automatically assign signatures/date signed elements at the bottom of the notice to your tenant and you while sending the notice to sign. Press "Create Template" to complete the action.

Note: You can attach up to 10 files. 

The Notice you have created is available in the “Document Templates“ tab.

Please note! You can add the following number of templates depending on your subscription plan:

  • Starter- up to 10 Templates (Notices and Agreements);
  • Growth - up to 25 Templates (Notices and Agreements);
  • Pro - up to 50 Templates (Notices and Agreements);
  • Business - Unlimited Templates (Notices and Agreements).

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Last updated:
Mar. 21, 2024