How do I complete the Move-out Inspection?

You can complete a Move-out Inspection form in our system in several ways. The most common place you’ll find a Move-out inspection is on the Inspections page:

Please note!
The Move-out Inspection report can be added by the landlord even if the Move-in Inspection was not completed by the tenant. 

A Move-out inspection can also be requested directly from the Lease page or during the lease-ending process.

Once the inspection is initiated, the Move-out Checklist page will appear. There you can view details associated with the inspection, such as property, lease, your and tenant's information.

To add information to the form, press “+ Add conditions.” Each section can include up to 15 records. You will then be prompted to choose the section and select a grading for each condition. To include even more details, you can upload notes, photos (maximum of 10), and a video (maximum of 5-seconds).

If any of the property conditions are marked as Fair or Damaged, the option to create a corresponding maintenance request will appear.

To edit or delete a record, click the “Actions” menu with the three dots and click edit or delete.

When the Move-out Inspection form has been completed, the individual must agree to the terms and sign the report by clicking on the “Sign the inspection” button.



Last updated:
Apr. 18, 2024