Move-in/ Move-out Inspections

The Move-in/Move-out inspection is a walkthrough landlords conduct to assess damage in a rental.

Upon move-in, most landlords require that tenants pay a security deposit, which is cash that a landlord may use to account for damages to the property or other tenant failures. By completing a move-in inspection, both landlords and tenants can resolve the condition of a rental unit when the tenants take possession.

A move-out inspection was designed to evaluate the rental unit’s condition when tenants vacate the property. This info is compared to the details provided in the move-in inspection and is often the grounds for security deposit deductions.

Please note!  Move-in/out Inspection is available for users from All countries.

In most cases, a Move-in Inspection is conducted by TT, and LL conducts a Move-out Inspection to check if nothing was damaged.

Once TT signs the Move-in Inspection, and the report is Ready, then the Move-out Inspection is automatically created in Pending status as well.

Please note! Move-in/out inspection reports are saved to File Manager and cannot be deleted.



Last updated:
Apr. 17, 2024