Partnership with Tenant Turner

TenantCloud recently teamed up with lead scheduling software Tenant Turner to save you even more time. Tenant Turner provides instant responses to tenant-lead emails and phone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They automate the pre-qualification process, schedule tours, follow up with potential tenants, and provide powerful reports, making your rental advertising experience smoother and more efficient.

Tenant Turner can help you reduce lead calls by 70% with the self-service phone system or 100% with the optional call center. Tenant Turner's added functionality is especially helpful for property managers with over 50 listings, with the added support of lockboxes for in-person viewings. In addition, landlords and Property Managers can send one-time lockbox codes to potential leads and vendors for access to the property.

How does it work?

  • Contact Tenant Turner directly and sign up for a Tenant Turner account. You will receive a unique phone number and email address based on your local area code. Tenant Turner will automatically post that phone number and email to the active listings that get syndicated to third-party sites.
  • List your rental property on TenantCloud, and all the listing information will be syndicated to Tenant Turner and numerous third-party listing sites.
  • On Tenant Turner, you can customize pre-qualification questions for potential applicants and make “Knock Out” questions that automatically disqualify the person. If the lead passes the qualification, then they will receive a text message with a link to schedule the showing appointment.
  • Choose between Self-Access Viewings and/or In-Person Showings.

Please note!
You can also have both options turned on and let the lead select the option they are most comfortable with.

Self-Access Viewings have lockboxes on the doors, and Tenant Turner works with various lockbox companies and lockbox types, so whether you have a manual or electronic box, you can still utilize this service. If you don’t have a lockbox and need to purchase one, Tenant Turner can help. Once a lockbox is assigned to a property, Tenant Turner will run a series of third-party audit checks on the lead data provided, such as name, email, and IP address, to fight against scammers.

Also note! Tenant Turner will text and email leads asking them to confirm the appointment to reduce no shows.

  • Once the lead is pre-qualified and arrives at the property, they are to text the box's serial number to the Tenant Turner phone number, and they will get a unique code to open the lockbox. This code is only active for 90 minutes after they receive it.
  • After the showing, Tenant Turner will text and email a link to fill out the TenantCloud rental application and obtain feedback from the tour. This feedback will be put into an ‘Owner’s Report” available for your viewing. Users can also access these other reports:

Rental Activity Report

Days on Market Report

Lead Activity Report

Lead Source Report

Viewing Activity Report

Viewing Availability Report

Notifications Report

Lockbox Access Report

Lockbox Inventory Report

There are several custom options and add-ons available beyond what has been discussed in this article. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tenant Turner sales at 1-888-976-4638 or the Support team via chat 24/7 on the Tenant Turner website or in your account.



Last updated:
Feb. 28, 2024