How do I invite applicants to apply online?

In order to invite a prospective tenant to apply online, go to the "Applications" page on the left-side menu on your dashboard and press the "Invite to Apply" button:

Please note! 
If you do not see the "Invite to Apply" button at the top right corner of the screen, go to "Settings", press "Rental Application" and enable the "I want to receive rental applications online" button. Do not forget to press "Update" the information button. 

Please, also make sure that you have enabled receiving rental applications online for your listing as well:

Select one of the listed properties from the drop-down and type in the applicant's email address. Click on the "Send Invitation" button:

Please note! 
You can invite multiple applicants at the same time. Each applicant will receive an invitation with the link to apply online.

Also, you are welcome to send an invitation to apply to a potential renter on the "Leads" page. Once you click on the "Invite to apply" button, the invitation to apply will be sent to a tenant's email and their news feed. 

Another way to send an invitation to apply is from the "View Listing" page. If accepting online applications is allowed for a listing, there will be an "Invite to apply" button. Click it and enter the emails of potential applicants.

Please note! If a tenant's application is in “Draft“ status or a tenant didn’t take any actions for 3 days, you will receive an email notification. You will want to resend the invitation in this case. 



Last updated:
May 26, 2023