How can I enable/disable rent reporting?

With our system, you can report rent payments to TransUnion and Equifax at the same time. This can help you build your credit history and build your credit score.

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What is rent reporting?

Please note!
Rent reporting is available for renters in the US only.

Once you are connected with your landlord and have an active shared lease with monthly recurring rent invoicing, you will have the option to enable rent reporting for your lease.

Please note!
Your landlord/property manager has to be verified in the system for you to be able to use the rent reporting option.

Activate ongoing Rent Reporting and enjoy free ACH payments each month you’re enrolled. Here you can read more:
How do I enable free ACH payments?

To activate rent reporting, go to the Dashboard and press "Enable" link next to the “Rent reporting” widget on the left sidebar.

You can also enable the Rent Reporting directly from your lease. For this, go to the Leases tab and click on View next to the lease. Then scroll down a bit to the Additional services section and press Enable next to the Rent Reporting.

Provide your full name, SSN and date of birth. If you have more than one active lease, make sure that you select the correct lease that you would like to enable rent reporting for. Confirm the provided information is valid and accurate and click on the Continue button.

On the next step you can select one of the reporting options: to report your ongoing rent payments only or additionally select one-time historical reporting of rent payments up to 24 months. 

Ongoing rent reporting will help you build your credit history with on-time payments starting from the month it was enabled. You will be automatically charged $6.95 on the 21st of each month to report the rent payment to the following credit bureaus.

Past & Ongoing reporting will allow you to report up to 24 months of previous rent payments (recorded in our system) to the credit bureaus all at once. This can help you create a strong credit profile, establish a good payment history, or rebuild your damaged credit in just one month and continue building it over time. This option includes two separate payments – a one-time fee of $49.95 for past payments reporting and an ongoing monthly fee of $6.95 for ongoing payments reporting.  Both payments will be charged on the 21st of the month no matter when the reporting option was enabled.

Please note!
Past rent reporting can be done only once. If the payment has been already reported, it won’t be sent to the bureaus a second time.

if you select Past & Ongoing reporting, review the payments that will be reported. If you feel the statuses are reflected inaccurately, please reach out to your landlord to request accounting corrections. You can also include rents from past/ended leases.

Please note!
The report will be sent on the upcoming month cycle on the 22nd, reflecting the data as of that day. Please ensure your invoices are accurate and ready to be sent to credit bureaus for effective credit reporting.

On the Payment information step, please enter your payment information (or select the saved card) and click on the Enable button.

Please note!
Each tenant must enable rent reporting to the credit bureaus from their own account.

If you already have the ongoing rent reporting enabled and at least one past non-reported rent payment, you can enable the historical rent reporting additionally. For this, go to the Leases tab and click on View next to the lease. Then scroll down a bit to the Additional services section and press Enable historical reporting.

On the Lease details page, you can update your card information or disable Rent reporting at any time.

The Rent Reporting will be disabled by the system automatically in the following cases:

  • the lease status changes from active to past/ended or any other;
  • the frequency of the lease changes from “monthly” to any other;
  • the recurring payment is disabled;
  • the lease is deleted by the landlord;
  • the landlord reset/deletes the account;
  • the tenant deletes the account.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • Only recurring rent payments are reported to Credit Bureaus.
  • Both positive (paid) and negative (unpaid) rent payments are reported to Credit Bureaus.
  • If you would like to disable the reporting, this action disables both Past and Ongoing reporting.
  • You will receive an email and feed notification 1 day before you are charged.
  • The payments marked as paid by your landlord as well as the payments made online are reported as positive rent payments. In case your payment made outside of the system was not marked as paid, please contact your landlord.
  • On the combined lease, if the recurring rent invoice was paid by one or more tenants in full / was paid partially / wasn’t paid at all, we report its status to Credit Bureaus for ALL tenants on the lease who have enabled reporting.
  • On the separate lease, the Rent Reporting will be related to only your account.



Last updated:
May. 10, 2024