What is rent reporting?

Rent reporting is a great feature that reports your rent payments to the credit bureaus and helps to build your credit history and boost your credit score. When you pay rent through the system, your payments are reported to the following credit reporting bureaus in the US:

  • TransUnion
  • Equifax

You can build a credit history with rent payments. Ongoing reporting of your on-time payments helps to establish your good record. This is an excellent benefit and a way for you to increase your credit scores. Higher scores mean access to better properties.

Please note! Make sure you have written your full name as it is on your legal documents.

If you are a tenant who lives in the US, you can enable reporting to credit bureaus for the active shared lease with monthly recurring rent invoicing. The report to credit bureaus functionality is strictly connected to the recurring transactions listed on the lease. 

You can enable rent reporting for future rent payments only. Past leases and invoices would not be taken into account.

You will be automatically charged $6.95 on the 21st of each month to report the rent payment to the following credit bureaus. 

Please note! Both positive (paid) and negative (unpaid) rent payments are reported to Credit Bureaus. The system sends a feed to the partners on the 22nd of the month with the invoice status on that moment.

For example, an invoice feed with a due day 1st of September will be sent to credit bureaus on the 22nd of September. Please make sure it is in paid status by that time.

Please note! This feature is only available for residents of the US.

Last updated:
Nov. 3, 2022