How do I view lease information?

To view your rental information, go to the homepage from the left side menu.

Now you can see a list of leases shared with you by your landlord or property manager. You can review all your leases by clicking on the current lease title and selecting the needed one from the drop-down list:

If the lease is in "Pending" status, this means your landlord has required you to e-sign the lease agreement or to provide renters insurance. Click the "Sign Lease" or "Get Insurance" buttons, fill in all required information, and sign the agreement to activate the lease.

If the lease is in any other status, e.g. "Active" or "Past," you can click the three-dots menu and select "View Lease Details":

In order to view your rental information, you must be connected with your landlord and have a shared, active lease.

Please note! 

If you cannot find the lease information, contact your landlord/property manager via Messenger and ask them to share the lease with you. Your landlord/property manager can share a lease with you or require you to sign an agreement. If the lease is shared, no further action from you is required.

The rental information is divided into three tabs:


This tab allows you to view:

  • the general lease information
  • available payment options
  • residents' and dependents' information
  • paid deposits and late fees
  • recurring transactions list
  • attachments

In the "Recurring Transactions" section, you will also be able to post the next invoice to be paid in advance.


This tab allows you to view and edit the renters insurance information you provide while signing the lease agreement. If you have no renters insurance but would like to purchase it, you can do it directly from the "Insurance" tab. 

This link might be useful: 

How do I purchase renters insurance?

Utility Providers:

This tab displays information about who is responsible for paying and maintaining the utility service, as well as providers' contact information if your landlord has provided this information while creating the lease. In the “Additional Services” section you can also get free quotes.


Last updated:
Aug. 11, 2022