How do I view lease information?

On your Dashboard, you can see a list of leases shared with you by your landlord or property manager. You can view detailed lease information by clicking on the View button next to the lease you are interested in:

If the lease is in "Pending" status, this means your landlord has required you to e-sign the lease agreement or to provide renters insurance. Click the Complete move-in button, fill in all required information, and sign the agreement to activate the lease.

In order to view your rental information, you must be connected with your landlord and have a shared, active lease.

Please note! 

If you cannot find the lease information, contact your landlord/property manager via Messenger and ask them to share the lease with you. Your landlord/property manager can share a lease with you or require you to sign an agreement. If the lease is shared, no further action from you is required.

The rental information is divided into the following sections:

This section allows you to view the general lease information, the address of the property you are renting, and your landlord’s/property manager’s contact information. You can also send a message to your landlord directly from this section:

Additional services:
In this section, you can enable/disable the Rent reporting option, or get a free quote if you need to find a licensed and professional moving company.

Renters Insurance:
This section allows you to view and edit the renters insurance information you provided while signing the lease agreement.

This link might be useful: 
How do I purchase renters insurance?

Tenant information:
In this section, you can view information about your roommates (if you have any).

In this section, you can find your dependent’s personal information (if you have any).

Recurring transactions:
In this section, you can see the list of recurring transactions related to the lease. You can click on the three-dots menu and access options such as posting the next invoice in advance or setting up auto-pay:

In this section, you can find information about your deposit(s). To see the details of the invoice, click on the invoice.

This section displays the list of utilities you and your landlord are responsible for paying and maintaining.

Extra Fees:
In this section, you can find information on late fees (if any).

Payment options:
This section shows the online payment options (bank and/or card payments) that are allowed by your landlord.

This section displays the list of shared attachments, agreements, and files uploaded by your landlord. You can download any attachment.

Last updated:
Apr. 9, 2024