How do I view my rental?

To view your rental go to the "Dashboard" section from the left-side menu. Here you can see the list of pending, active, and past leases shared with you by your landlord or property manager. You can review all your leases in the drop-down list:

If the lease is in any other status, e.g. "Active" or "Past" you can click "View lease details" from the three-dot menu to learn more about the lease. If the lease is in "Pending" status, this means your landlord has required you to e-sign the lease agreement or to provide renters insurance. Click the "Sign Lease" or "Get Insurance" buttons, fill in all required information, and sign the agreement to activate the lease. 

Press the "Request repair” button to submit a new maintenance request to your landlord.

For more information, go to:

You can also pay your rent online if you are connected with your landlord and have a shared, active lease. To do that, click on the "Pay online" button. You will be redirected to a checkout page listing all unpaid invoices linked to the lease:

Please Note! To pay online, you and your landlord must have the same payment method set. 

If you would like to pay rent in advance but the invoice has not yet been posted, you can generate the next invoice(s) yourself. To do so, press the "Pay in advance" button. You will be redirected to the "Recurring Transactions" section on the "Lease Details" page.

Please note!

The steps below must be followed or the "pay in advance" button won't be shown on your lease:

  • You must be connected to your landlord;
  • Leases must be active & shared;
  • You and your landlord's payment option must match;
  • All previous invoices must be paid in full so that no open invoices are available.


Last updated:
Apr. 11, 2022