Why do I need to pass ID Verification and Background check report in order to use the “Find A Job” feature?

To find a job within the system, you will need to pass both the ID Verification and Background check reports first.

Please note! The “Find a Job” feature is only available for the US residents.

ID Verification is an internal verification. It allows you to pay online. You can also use a free bid after you have verified your ID.

You must pass a Background check to use the “Find a Job” feature. This is necessary to ensure all users' safety. The Background check fee is $49.99.

Go to the Account settings from the main Settings menu to pass the ID Verification and Background checks. Select the "Security" tab. Alternatively, click the “Get” button on the Background check section right from your Dashboard, which will redirect you to Settings



Last updated:
Apr. 10, 2024